Gymkhanas for LibreGeosocial

Gymkhanas for LibreGeoSocial is is a free/open source plugin to do Gymkhanas in the LibreGeoSocial project (a mobile social network with a Mobile Augmented Reality interface. More Info:

  • Build your own gymkhana
  • Geolocalitation tests
  • Multi choice test
  • Photographic test
  • Works on android mobile phones

How get the source code?

You can browse in the repository in

Or also obtain instructions to download the source code here

How obtain support?

You can obtain support for this project in the web page

  • Consults the forum and the mailing list to find answers for already raised questions.
  • You can write a new consultation in the forum or in the mailing list
  • You can communicate a bug or propose a enhacement in the tracker


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